Never In My Life


You of all people know I don't speak well
To You of all people do I have something to tell.
So with a pen will I speak what's on my mind
Or else I'll feel weak and just waste all my time.
You see,
never in my life have I met one like you
One with whom I could act just like I do
Never in my life have I had such a friend
One with whom I no longer have to pretend.
Never in my life could I say before
I have a friend I want to be with more.
More than my cousins, more than my brothers
More than my grandpa, my father, my mother.
No never in my life have I met one like you
So gentle in heart and in all that you do.
See, never in my life did I think I would say
That I finally realize I'm feeling this way.
That more than just friends do I want us to be
Yet, more than just friends I'm not quite ready to be.
In the future, yes, a courtship I'll seek
As for right now I'm afraid I'm a little too weak.
Never in my life did I know I would fear
To ak you a question and not know what I'll hear.
But now in my life do I finally find
That at last do I ask what's on your mind,
Just how I feel have I finally spoken
I just ask that to me you would be just as open.
For never in my life have I spoken my mind
Now I sit so afraid of what I might find.
Never in my life have I spoken aloud
I just hope this is a time of which I'll be proud.



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