New Chapter.


Tic. Tok. Tic. Tok. Tic. Tok.

Time is running away, growing short, fading to black.

It's the end of the film, time to applaud, time to give praise.

When the grain of sand is used, it's gone away, no getting it back.

The hour glass is down to half!

You can keep trying, a hundred times, a thousand times, in different ways.

But at the end of all your days, it's still gone.


Tic. Tok. Tic. Tok.

Grasp it by the hand, take it all in, while you still can.

It's gonna be stolen soon, and I think you better stop and think.

Sleep is for the weary, are you going to be a star or a fan?

Life is redundant, repeating, yet still depleating, are you the paper or the ink?

One look, one wink, all you can do is float or sink, and at the end of your days, it's still gone.


Tic.... Tok... Tic... Tok.

Shorter, Oh! Grab it, contain it, live it while it's here!

Life is depleating and it's something we hold dear!

Isn't It?





Please Don't Go!


I didn;t know it'd be this soon, staring at my doom, oh, what to do!


Im not ready!


Please stay steady! Living like everyday is my last! No, it doesnt mean have sex at every hours pass, or drink til i'm half way dead!


Everyday is a chapter! There's something we're all after... But something we cannot replicate or replace...


Is ... Time.


And at the end of your days, there is always the end, but if you're lucky, you get to start again... 

... New chapter.

Tok. Tic. Tok....







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