Nice Guy Finishes Last

Abused by those close, feeling life would be easier by ending it with an overdose


the likelihood of me going insane seems more closer to reality

than the mere fantasies of being happy

maybe I am the one to blame

put to shame because no one can hurt you unless you let them

open the door so they can reopen the sore of broken trust

lusting for anything that would allow me to escape

the rush of fluttering insecurities 

mind rap, from the fabrications of mutual understanding

when you find out they were using you to fill a void and

vice versa

you feel almost empty inside when despite everything you

can’t help but forgive and be loving to someone

who raptures your heart to exploit you

truly negativity can destroy you

don't sacrifice your serenity for something that won’t last

because you will always be the nice guy that finishes last



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