I take a view of her beautiful eyes and there,
I watched her also attracted to my smile of pain
Yet she stands there staring at me while I long for her hug
Much comes across my mind,
Was she smiling back at me?
Was she attracted by someone?
Was the pain caused by her?

I get confused as I long to know her the more,
I hold on to a chief of warsome-horrowful poverty,
Yet my wish is to give her all of my confidence and wealth.
The leaders know I care but,
Were is her smile?
Were did they transform her?
Were was I?

I know, I was in my mother's womb while the oceans of gold flowed in fast waves with a sign of it ends,

I guess the slow wave of understanding, had no positive grip to aid her hair in balance and her identity from being transformed

Cold holds my lungs with grip of claws,
Is it her? But I am her partner, am her son, lover, father, owner.

It's so sorrowful; she may never stand out great as a beautiful model like others.

She is ill, oh my country!
She needs my attention, oh Nigeria!
Cause I am she!
I am Nigeria and I am the government.

This poem is about: 
My country
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