With No Filter


No filter

Through the lenses of my peers 

I stand without fear.

For I know this is truely me

and all I may be.

No filter

From my black curly hair

to the tips of my toes

for all you that don't know

I am what I can be.

With no filter I take nothing lightly.

Oppression, depression, none may strike fear

into me.

For I have lived through it all.

Form the time I was little,

little feet pitter across the floor,

My momma work her tail off to give me the better more.

With no filter I grew up socially awkward never seeing the light of day,

always seeming to hide from the kids my age.

I couldn't stand up to bullies,

inferior, stupid, black, you name it I've lived through it all.

With no filter, I walked the roads of high school, building trusts along the way,

some which have frayed,

others who have stayed

to the end.

With no filter

I can't stand bullies anymore,

I stop it at the source.

With no filter

I am a jock with a heart for those who feel lesser

Who helps them stand to the oppressor.

With no filter

I work to help mom and dad

washing dishes to earn my grad,

It really isn't that bad.

With no filter I try

to keep up in this crazy world

full of boys and girls

 trying to find who they are

looking both near and far.

With no filter

I am what I present.

No words can describe who I am.

You just have to meet me.




I like it :)

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