No Filter


You want to know who I am without a filter?

I am the original masterpiece without a filter

I am the way God made me without a filter

I am who I am supposed to be without a filter

So now you want to know why I use a filter?

I use a filter to hide my insecurities 

All the pain that I don't want people to see

The feeling that I won't be loved without a filter

The reason I use a filter is because I've been hurt

This world is a cruel place

And it has its own image for the perfect person

And that is one thing that I'm not.

I'm not that perfect person 

With our without a filter

I have flaws, i'm human like everyone else

That's why I use a filter

The filter may hide my problems in the picture

But without the filter I am just a lost girl

Longing to be loved and cherished

Trying my hardest to make it in this hard world

This poem is about: 
Our world


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