No Such Thing As Perfection

As I look in the mirror
I see something clearer
a girl who once thought her image was a killer
she couldn't go pass the imperfections
because she was too busy thinking of rejections
society destroys confidence gained 
and still to this day it remains unexplained
As I look in the mirror 
I see something clearer
a girl who now shows an image much glimmer
sure she has flaws; but hey, don't we all?
why can't we just go pass the terrible name call
society hates imperfection
but there's no such thing as perfection
I challenge you to fight 
let them know you're alright
flawless or not
you're an enormous delight
First video (American Horror Story)
Background music (Birdy - Skinny Love)
Images from tumblr (gifs)
Background music (Demi Lovato - Lightweight) 
- Voice over by me - 


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