September 4 a day I turn 21 


I spend re-runs  in smite of love’s relentless mix 


Good bye Florence the city of the dead

I’m so sorry I have left like this


I guess I realized your beauty pretty too late 


I swear then you were not something to kiss 


if any man dared me to abandon my feelings in a 99 plus 1 election it would have been an opportunity I wouldn’t have missed


This city called Florence assumed to be beautiful by the node of the gay 


took its  bridges and highway roads just to get to me


My bad 


I never ran back to it 


Let me get this off my chest 


 I personally incline not to take its stairs up 


For I may lose my way down 


Its doors seemed more open and vivid for every eye to linger 


So no I won’t fall 


I refuse to clench on to it’s peers 


I won’t take my step for many have 

And many have died 


Today I call Florence town 


A graveyard 


The end of every man lies there 


The shape of  Florence was 

designed to slay men 


oh please


Forgive me I may not love with all my heart


I may admire but only for a fleet moment 


I may praise but only for a flirt 

Feminist movement 


I’m no longer a coward to love


I Won’t get in - I won’t break in 


 4 sided hearts like etiquette clovers 


How confusing this state be 


Should I go 4 years back or continue my run 🤷‍♀️ 


Should I find a city that’s above my age??  or is this one still perfect for my eyes to love..??


The right time will tell..❤️🤭





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