Not The Easiest Job At All

Thu, 03/20/2014 - 22:36 -- mwhites

Last night the phone rang for not the first time,

So many innocent children apart of the same crime.

Most think that they don’t know, or just won’t understand,

But what people don’t notice is that it’s not what they had planned.

They think they’ll blow it over, these children won’t remember.

It was all just a bad dream that happened last November.

“Mommy overdosed after daddy abandoned us here

My brother, he left too, after one too many beers.

The neighbor found me crying, I was in my house alone.

Mother had gone off and left me on my own.”

Though detached my heart was from feelings, I couldn’t help but shed a tear.

That’s when my job stepped in, that’s where we interfere.

Child Protective Services, or CPS for short

We’re here to help these children; we’re here to give support.

While many think our job is easy; “they’re just a bunch of kids.”

We detach ourselves from the world; all of our emotions are hid.

Though people look down on us, our pride still stands tall.

A social worker’s job is not the easiest job at all.


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