Not A Puddle Not An Ocean But A Drop Of Rain

Watching a drop of rain.
I thought I'd drown in a lifetime of eternal bliss.
Falling fast. I caught the drop unexpectedly on my face.
Feeling instant relief from the thoughts that pursued everlasting bliss.
A gratification that transcends the smallest of pleasure.
Standing about,
Tasting a single drop that splashed against my face.
I felt a slight relief, satisfied with a small ounce of silence.
Not a puddle, not an ocean.
But a drop of rain soon scattered into a million more.
Knowing only one direction. It fell.
I watched an overcast drag across the sky with dire urge to be felt.
Caught in need I stood waiting, sharing eternal agony.
A mere drop to cleanse what I felt in anticipation to fill the gap of patience.
Still I stand. Without need to go anywhere else.
Waiting for the precipitation of love
To fall hard and fast in one single drop that feels like a million more


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