Nothing has Changed

You might not be still present in my life anymore,

But you're still here in my heart.

All the times we laughed, all the times we talked.

I guess you just have forgot.

I remember when you were outside alone at midnight,

You wanted to die that night and I remember thinking that you just might.

I was the only one who stayed and constantly reminded you ..

"You're worth way more than you think you do!"

And I told you everytime you feel like you're about to give up,

That I would be right there to hold your hand through all the fuck ups.

You were my bestfriend.. 

Now you're nothing but just another beautiful thing that didn't have a happy end.

Sometimes I type up paragraphs to you but they all go unsent.

I'm nothing to you ; you think of me as just another thing you regret

I am sorry for the things I said to you a few days prior.

I did not mean any word I told you.. I just couldn't accept that you were the one who lit our memories up in flames.

I couldn't accept that you don't care if you were the one to blame,

I wish that I could accept that there's never going to be a day where you're ever going to feel the same.

But here I am, finally now I realize that this whole time when I thought I knew you, I was only mistaken.

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