Nothing Short Of Love

Mon, 01/02/2017 - 15:06 -- mblohr

I love the way you kiss me on every part of my face.

I love the way you blush when I pull you into an embrace. 

I love the way you giggle when I kiss your cute nose. 

I love your admiration when I make a strong pose.

But this is not your normal love poem. Roses are red, violets are blue, yes, it's true, but not because it is, because it was.

It was the truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truthful feelings I had for you, nothing, no one else could bring me down because you built me back up, up, up to an emotional high as if you were some sort of drug I was on, and life itself became nothing because it meant nothing without you in it, made life sober, boring, nothing. Little did I know you weren't weed, but weeds, holding me back, tearing me down, choking me whenever I wanted to be free, because life was reaching out to me, you kept pulling me back, and I couldn't decide which to sacrifice, you or my future. So I chose a different venture. I thought I could have both. Nothing was gonna stop me, nothing would get in the way because nothing needed to get in the way, it would all just work out. I was on top of the world, as one would feel in this state of high.

But lo, and behold, you just happened to be the one to wake me back up from my dream of idealism, my fantasy world that contained everything I loved. You told me we should just separate, that this would hurt us more than we had ever anticipated. But I refused. I forced us to stay together, like a flower that no longer fought against the weed for air, but rather accepted the weed choking it because the weed made the flower feel more beautiful than ever before.

But beauty is pain. Painful were the nights of regret, the nights of loneliness after you were gone, and now that I'm free I feel more isolated than liberated. Freedom comes at a price, and I chose to pay it. I thought everything I loved was permanently there to stay, it was not.

Pictures, memories, words spoken, these many reminders to do better, to be better. I can't believe it's not better after all these months. A heart doesn't endure months of pain and repair itself overnight, it does it little by little. So help me solve this riddle, how? Two people in love are separated by time, but while one is stuck in what is now gone, how does the other move on? How does one get away while the other has to pay the price?

I paid the fine with my heart. "Hey, man, yeah, it's ok if you want to date her, if you want to persuade her to love you, it's fine." Fine. "Are you ok?" How do I answer? "I'm fine." I will never be fine. Until I finally realize in my heart that what I've paid through the pain is less than what I've gained.

I loved the way you kissed me on every part of my face.

I loved the way you blushed when I pulled you into an embrace.

I loved the way you giggled when I kissed your cute nose.

I loved your admiration when I made a strong pose.

You pierced my soul with your horn.

Before, all I saw was a beautiful unicorn.

Before, I had nothing short of love for you.

Now, I have nothing short of hope for this future that's brand new.

Now I'm free.

I have nothing short of love... for me.

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