A flash of inspiration

You see it, and it's gone;

Within you forever

You never forget.


It could be years

Before you know what it means.

Then it comes again;

Stronger than before.


There she is.

She's standing on a hill.

Why is she there?

Where was she before?

Where will you take her?

Where does she want to go?


Pen hits the paper

A beautiful kiss.

Everything happens

Just as you see it.

Rushes out--

Wonderful discord.

She lives and breathes,

And never do you question why.

It just has to get out there;

She just has to be.


A vacation.

You take some time away

So you can give it back later.


Back to the start.

You read

You fix

You edit

You cut

You try it again.


And this time it's better.

This time she's real.


You work and 

You work and

You repeat the process.

Vivid dreams and shocking doldroms--

You can't see the road

But you drive on anyway.


Fast forward:

You've both changed so much.

There's her on the bookshelf;

There's you on the cover.

You sit for a moment,

And admire your work.

Something catches your eye.


A flash of inspiration.



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