Novelist #onejob

Sat, 04/05/2014 - 19:59 -- spatusc

My dream job is to be a novelist,

And be on the New York Novel List.

My words will be read worldwide.

They’ll be everywhere. You cannot hide.

The whole globe will recognize my name.

The Pres will be jealous of my fame.

Yet others will watch me and want me to slip.

They think I can’t hold a grudge – I got quite a grip.

I win so many awards there’s no way I’ll know ‘em.

Write five novels, then crank out a poem.

That’s not surprising though knowing me,

I’ve always had a soft spot for my poetry.

I’m wasting time with my taste in rhyme.

Just to prove I do everything fine.

Some people will probably wish they could be me.

Other writers will just be trying to beat me.

Some will wish they could see me or meet me.

So famous that LeBron might even tweet me.

I probably sound arrogant, but this is just my dream.

And I can only get there with a high self-esteem.

And arrogance is boasting something you cannot do.

The difference between that and me is what I say is true.

That’s a big statement. I’m getting pretty bold.

But you can’t blame me since my words to gold.

There will be challenges but I’ll get through it,

Cause that’s my dream job and I know that I can do it.




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