O Danny Boy

O Danny boy,
I fell
from the grace of God into the pits of Hell
Please forgive me

You shouldn’t have to see me drop
my heart in the garbage

Replace it with a terrible darkness
You are so pure and your eyes still see the roses

O Danny, I am so, so, so sorry

Please forgive me and accept my sins
Your hands are warm while mine are cold and thin


They tremble
while yours are still
You feel the world in every touch and I grab blindly
my nerves fail too much

Danny, please, close your eyes

Turn your back; I don’t want to see you cry
Will you please forgive me, O Danny boy?

Danny, Danny, you are so bright

Your mind is a supernova, radiating light
I’m sorry my ersatz mind is full

Full of lies and everything cruel

I know you can hear music in the rain
So please don’t be mad when I tell you it screeches my name

Can you ever forgive me, O Danny?


Danny, you know I love your smile
If only I could emulate it once in a while
You do
n’t deserve to see me frown
Danny, Danny, please turn back now

I want you to know you’re an amazing boy
Full of life and promise and, most of all, joy

I’m going to go now; please don’t follow me
You don’t need to see me burn

I am so sorry it has to be like this

O Danny boy, please forgive me for all of this 



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