"The Ocean"

Life is not easy.

How long does it take for us to realize this?

It took me...a long time.

In life, we all fall at some point.

Some of us get ourselves up.

However, those who are strong and powerful, learn from these falls.


How many things must we go through to realize that, we as people, are strong?

I began a new life in another country.

I left my family behind in exchange for a new school

A new language

And new friends.

During those tough moments, I thought: “Will you drown or will you float?”


I saw how alcohol drowned my father

And how he attempted to drown me in an everlasting array of sorrow.

In the most dark moments of my ocean nightmare, I experienced life savers that were the guides to my tomorrow.


My family’s love was the medicine.

Perseverance has been my personal remedy.

And Mona Martinez’s “Life Is Not Always Perfect” has served as my healing guide.


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