Ocean Beauties

Such elegant creatures which live in the seas

Who float as if a feather fell gracefully

The creatures that come in many different colors

The ones that differ from one another


The beauties of the ocean who leave us in awe

Who leave us not believing what we just saw

Their amazing shapes and sizes together

Some that even have the smallest measure


They can glow in the dark or put on a light show

They are the ones that leave our mind blown

Propelling themselves with a little push

The way like an owl takes off from a bush


Their elegance leaves us intrigued

The way they live is a mystery

They have no body or a skeleton

The ones that look like gelatin


They bring inspiration to many

They cannot compare to any other

Slowly drifting away in the currents


They are the Jellies

The beauties of the sea

The ones that float around gracefully

They are the ones that amaze us all

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