Thu, 03/24/2016 - 20:23 -- kid24

As I see this circle come into view, my contant desire for it ever grew.

For this beautiful specimen was a beautiful find, the curvature of its surface truly titilates my mind.

As I approach, its sumptuous fumes interesect with my nose, its loveliness is even greater than that of a rose. 

I grab it by the base and take in a slice, the sensations I fell are indeed truly nice.

I feel maximum happiness and infinute pleasure, as I eat more and more at the command of my leisure.

Its beauty surpasses that of a sunny day in May, and even the bewitching face of Matthew McConaughey.

All these facts serve as proof so nobody can deny, the allure and elegance of a warm, crunchy pie.

My ideas may seem radical to a degree, but listen to this and hear my decree.

Pie is love, pie is life! Its glory helps me overcome any inner strife.

So take in a slice and listen to me, the warmth of a crunchy pie will set your soul free.

For when I'm stranded in this godforsaken plain, I will never take the glory of this wonderful food in vain.


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