Ode to an older brother


Jarvis Residence
6871 E. Hawthorne Circle
United States
32° 14' 1.212" N, 110° 50' 44.2104" W
You don't respect me,
and that hurts.
You think I'm stupid,
conceded and lazy.
You don't see that,
words like that
sting. You are older,
smarter and better.
And you never let
me forget it.
Living with you sucks.
You are messy,
you never do chores,
and always complain.
Your stomach is a
dark bottomless pit.
Yet, the only thing 
you crave are 
my crunchy granola bars.
Yeah, I noticed.
Usually we don't talk,  
when we do 
an argument always erupts.
I hate it.
But that won't change,
not right now.
I need to find 
a way to
live with you again.
Why'd you come-back?
I wish you would 
move out again.
Life was better then,
cleaner, quieter and
a lot more peaceful. 
Opposite of now. 
You make me feel,
awful about myself. 
They says it's wrong
to hate you.
But I do. 


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