Ode to the rainbow.

Sat, 11/09/2013 - 20:06 -- dbasix


Oxnard, CA
United States

The lunch bell rings, and not a minute too soon

My stomach has been growling ever since noon

Didn't get enough to eat in the morning, guess it's my fault

But as soon as I set foot in the lunch line,

BOOM! Face flat on the asphalt.

I get up, not to my suprise

A couple of hoodlums, one with some fries

The fries look nice and crisp, wish i could have em'

With blood running from my nose, I said "Hey what gives?!" 

No response, only some cheesy laughs

I guess it's funny, picking on the f*g

I dust off my shirt , and tie up my shoes

Turning the other cheek, will probably do

Getting in the lunch line, tears ready to break

Another set of them, cut right through

"Hey, what gives?!" 


Chill out, f*g.

I hold it in, trying not to blow

Can't get suspended again, for going toe to toe

They pull out an apple, shiny and red

But poke a hole in it with a pencil instead

One pulls out a lighter, another a sandwhich baggie

They pinch the killer out from the bag

and sprinkle it on the apple stem, ignoring the f*g

a kiss from the apple, they each get

smoke fills the air, with a unpleasant scent,

their work there is done.

So they move along, without any lunch.

It's my turn in line

My name, a burger cries

"Would you like an apple?"

no thanks, I think i'll take the fries. 

What I learned, and hope to never forget

Apples and killers, don't mix right

Hoodlums and f*gs, don't mix right

Then what mixes right?

Misery and company. 

Let's all team up, under the rainbow or not, and end bullying. 


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