Once Daddy's Lil Girl

When You Walked Out The Door.
I Should Have Known.
You Didnt Say Good Bye And All I Wanted To Do Is Cry.
My Father.
The One I Was Actually Close Too.
Shit You Left With Out And I Love You
You Promised Me The World
You Broke Your Promise
I Still Cant Believe I Trust You.
When You Walked Away.
I Cried I Even Wanted To Die.
Felt Hurt Felt Pain .
Something No One Seen In Me Eyes.
You Left With Out A Care In The World.
You Make Me Sick.
I Just Wanna Hurl.
You Turned In To A Shadow.
I Once Was Daddy’s Lil Girl.
I Wish I Could Erase You Like A Mistake On A Sheet Of Paper.
You Act Like I Don’t Have Feelings.
But My Heart Is Spilling Disappearing Like Fuck it
Its Shatters On The Floor Because You Don’t Care No More
I Realize I Never Had A Father
So Why Even Bother
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