one foot in front of the other

you say... you hate fake friends

you say... believe women

you say... be kind

you say it all

and then you stomp on your words

not seeing that person in the mirror

who does everything differently

you see what you want to see

the good parts, ignoring the bad

lying to yourself that it doesn't exist

I hope you sleep well at night

immune to the pain you've caused.

I hope you never have to go through what 

I went through.

the tears, the pain, the hate you have for yourself.

everybody goes through stuff. I get that.

that doesn't mean what you do is okay

and the sad part is... you probably don't even see what 

you did was wrong.

you probably feel perfectly justified in what you did,

smiling to yourself in the car

and giving each other fist bumps.

take it then. have your hurrah. feel good about yourself.

enjoy the power you have for the short while it lasts.

thank you. 

for teaching me what never to be like.

I never want to be like you.

I will never be like you.

I will never let myself and others gang up on somebody

and make them feel useless.



so thank you for teaching it to me now

where I have the rest of my life to use it

and have it only make me stronger.

thank you.

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Our world


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