"One Job"

Sat, 02/22/2014 - 16:47 -- Camwise


Years ago I was diagnosed with severe artism, and that's not a misspelling.
For as long as I can remember, art and poetry would start my soul welling
Up with a compelling desire to pour its confusing contents before my eyes.
I was eager to appease this desire but a dire dilemma would always arise.
What to do with a blank canvas? By far, not a macho man's plight,
But it reminded me of life. How will my future fantasies take flight?
My dream job. Self-employed go-to graphic designer guy who takes life easy,
Managing his time in a productive way with some to spare for the wifey. See,
That's great and all, but what steps do I take to get that image from
My imagined sense of ideals onto my life's canvas before it is done?

It only takes one job, one assignment, to spark the inspiration.
A teacher asked me to design a certificate of participation
For some little tykes in a student-led program teaching sports.
Even before, I was exporting distorted portraits of sorts
To my friends, and they paid good money for these caricatures.
Looking back, I was too mercenary to these supportive characters.
But back on topic, my portfolio was started. I went to a college with it
And had it reviewed, looking for a substantial amount in a scholarship.
The results are not yet concluded, but my interviewer gave me a hint
On how to perfect my artwork and go a little bit farther with it.

I will keep that hint in my mind for the upcoming journey,
Along with all others and career-specific learning.
I need a four-year degree in a graphic design major,
And if it's not vain, I'm game to chase higher degrees later.
In college I'm hoping for a chance to become an intern
So I can learn about marketing and design, then in turn,
Use that knowledge to grow in value to employers,
Rise above the rest like I'm rearranging layers
In photoshop. Potential clients are like light rays
As I hope to catch more with brilliance like CMYK.

That one job, one assignment, has sparked the inspiration,
And although I may not be widely praised around the nation,
I know for a fact that every achiever of talent, little or plenty there,
Had to have started their journey sometime, somewhere, anywhere.


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