One Job


Any job that infiltrates the class system of America would change my life path.

It's an never ending cycle of poverty for some, others of wealth.

In order to get the job that changes my life path, education is  must.

But not just any education.

You see, in the inner city the education only goes as far as the state test.

If one doesn't know the tools are out there, how can one succeed?

The only education to help me reach my dream job would be to attend a private school and then ivy


Not everyone has the luxury, which presents an obstacle in itself...

Yet my parents break their backs to put me in that setting to further my education because they both

understand the importance being that they were first generation college students. 

I'm thrown in a world of elitist attitudes, racial slurs, and a college education at a high school level.

Having to work five times as hard just to be considered equal

and ten times as hard just to stay on top.

Hard work, the support of my parents and the money that they spent just to advance me towards

my aspirations is what makes it possible for me to step closer and closer..

To the job that can transform my life path.

I am slowly but surely breaking the cycle and infiltrating the class system.






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