One Job...May Change My Life

At fifteen years old I jumped in the car.

I was sweaty and covered in bruises.

My scraped hands and knees had bled over my

tired arms and legs

but I had never been happier. 

I had successfully survived my first concert.

Little did I know that that day would be 

the day my life changed. 

At 18 years old I hopped on a train

headed for Manhattan and my 27th concert.

I realized that I could never live my life without music

while sitting in that blue seat covered in crumbs. 

Over the three years I had met over 50 musicians 

and the people that toured with them. 

I met all the people that made these shows possible.

The merch guys, tech guys, tour managers. 

I realized at my 27th concert that I needed to be at 

concerts for the rest of my life.

I realized that day that I had to be tour manager.

I had to make these shows possible for more 

kids like me.

Kids who were alone and scared in this

big, vicious world.

Kids who only found love in music

when they couldn't love themselves.

I had to help them.



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