one more deal



The smell of smoke and senior citizens

It’s distinct and signature.

It’s part of that siren song.

It’s part of that strong allure.

That beautiful


And I run towards it.

Because it knows when I am away.

And it doesn’t like that.

            It has powers.

Powers of distraction

            Of manipulation

Of greed

            And Possession.

The shining lights

The spinning wheels

The felt tables

The fog

In the air

            And in my mind.

Makes me forget

            About her.

About her hair

And her smile

With one front tooth

That’s just a little bit crooked

Her hands

            All disappear.

And what I see

Is possibility.

            I could make it big.

Just one more spin.

Just one more pull.

Just one more deal.

The queen

With her icy glare

And siren song

            Calls me back

Into the fog.


What will my unborn child think?


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