One More Hope (Second half of "The Fighter")


One More Hope

By: Amanda Gerber


She searches for her life.

The faith,

the hope,

is all a reminder that she can’t get it back.

She pounds her fist on the wooden panels of her cage.

The cage that still drags her along,

pushing herself to the edge.


Those memories still haunt her, taunt her, and scar her.

She cries into a mental breakdown every time,

 she thinks of just letting the suffering subside.

“Why do they always point the finger when it’s not any of their concern?”

She cries out kicking a small stone across the room.


She wishes for that one hope…the hope that will help her survive.

She know that doesn’t exist even though she still reaches for the door.

She feels trapped with no room to breathe.

 Her heart tells her to go but she doesn’t budge.


Every time she turns around another tragedy.

Another tragedy she has to live with for the rest of her life.

Another broken, useless, worthless heart lays their like a skeleton on the floor.

What now?

What does she have to do to heal again?

Over and over again same rollercoaster of feelings rush into her.

She takes another pill to clear her mind,
even though it’s only going to make it worse.

Its making it even harder to think.


She doesn’t have the need to live anymore.

She doesn’t love any part of herself anymore.

Alcohol and pills was her natural born enemy,

 now she crutches to them for dear life.

Yet again this always have been her…her destiny since she could think.


She will never forgive herself ever again.

One more hope she keeps telling herself.

One more time her body tells her.

What a helpless reaction.


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