One with the sea

Hidden far away 
For the eye can't see 
Blinded from your sight 
She was beautiful 
But beautifully broken 
So she hid from the world 
From all the pain and hurt 
That she has endeared in her life 
 she would never feel again 
Lost in a world 
Where she couldn't be saved 
Drowning in an ocean 
Everyone saw her drowning and kept walking past her 
Because she was staring right at you giving you a smile 
That she was okay 
No one knew that she didn't want to be saved
She knew the truth 
That being saved meant hope 
And she had none left 
Her heart lost in the bottom of the ocean 
That can never be found again 
Eyes that were searching for shore 
Body stuck to the sand floor 
Hair like wild waves that can't be tamed 
Her feelings could be as vicious as the tide rolled in 
She lost her shine 
And gave it to the stars 
Giving in to all her emotions 
She became one with the sea 
Pretty but can viciously take away your life 
Everything is an allusion 
The sun sets and reflects the water 
Of what was once hope 
As the moon slowly appears 
The ocean water turns black 
And like the ocean the girl became dark and hopeless 
If you look closely when your at the beach and you see the waves 
You will find the girl who became one with the sea 


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