One Tear

One tear

Is all I will let fall

Because if I let more come

Running down my cheeks

It will be like a river

That floods

Until it reaches my heart

The place where you are

And it will sweep you away too


I can’t let you be swept away

You are everything to me

When we are apart I don’t know what to do

So I let one tear fall

Then I put on a smile

And walk away

I tell everyone I am okay


When I am alone though

I think about you

Dream about you

Ache to feel you

I want to touch you again

To feel your strong arms around me

So that I can feel safe and protected

You are my safe place


I ache to feel your touch

And to touch you

My heart hurts

Because I want to kiss you again

And to feel you kiss me

I want to know how much you want me

Not by words

But with your lips

That spread kisses down my neck

And your hands

That make me feel beautiful

I want you to show me how much you want me

I just want you

So I let this one tear fall

Then I call you and tell you

How much I miss you

The distance is not that far

But it feels like we are in separate worlds

We make it work

With phone calls

And letters

Text messages that say how much I love you

So when I get them back

I let one tear fall

And then I smile

Because I know

That you will soon be with me again 

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