One Upon A Gay Princess

She has this fear.

Her legs start to shake.

Thoughts of death remind her the world is a precious place.

She hates the company because in some way it only makes her feel lonely and less comfortable.

The thought of people constantly repeating “I understand” when they don't have the slightest clue of what she's going through.

Her stomach knots up when people ask “What's bothering you?”

She's terrified of heights, but it's not evidently the fear of being in a high place; its the view of a long way to fall.

Her sense of security is screamingly absent.

There is no one there to explain to her why there is nothing wrong with being gay.

When people stop and stare to only see her hand attached to that of another female, it only brings out the true ignorance in a person.

People discriminate against each other because society sets the bar so high of what is expected from a human.

And it is disgusting how her mother can automatically become an evil stepmother, pretending as if she didn't give birth to her gay daughter.

So she's forced to live everyday in a fairytale;

where a princess cannot be in love with another princess because somehow only the prince can show up with the glass slipper.

So just like any other fairytale, this princess is locked away in her tower;

filled with blue curtains, purple night stands, and walls brightly painted orange.

She sits in her yellow dress holding her red notebook, staring at the green grass, crying.

Crying as mascara rolls down her cheeks hoping.

Just hoping one day she'll wake up to the reflection of a rainbow in her window

and to the sound of a voice no other than..

her princess charming.

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