Only Thoughts


There are people who fall asleep at night without a care in the world, and then their are those who want to just be gone, no longer exist. They try there hardest to be good enough for their friends, family, even themselves, but those people never show they really care. They listen to the same songs millions of times because that is how much the lyrics mean to them and they are tired of hearing nothing but there own thoughts in their head. Those people deserve a lot more than what they get. Whether they seem happy and put together or not. They feel like all there is is just thoughts. Thoughts of how happy others would be if they were gone, thoughts of how much less their families wouldn't have to deal with you anymore, friends, teachers too. The other thought that might cross their mind could be, I should have crashed the car the night I drove home alone. Yet, these are only the thoughts that run through their heads....they need you there to help put thoughts into their head. Tell them, Keep Going! No matter what you do, no matter how badly people treat you and say to yourself, "There are people who need me." And make everyday count! Don't listen to those horrible thoughts in your head, because they are only telling you the wrong things. You are wanted, your family does care about you, your friends, your teachers. If you were gone tomorrow, and your friend, your brother, or one of your teachers made you feel like nothing, and you were dead, they would feel like it was their fault and they would want to do the same thing you did. Because they CARED! They don't do it to put you down or make you feel bad about yourself because they love you and care about you. Those thoughts in your head aren't real. Don't listen to those thoughts. Listen to me.


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