Open Up

the mystery of my indifference forfeits the medicine
the words left unsaid; accredited to a separation; psyche
anxiety, society, secrecy

in which direction east, south, north, or west
does my gentleness attest; confess my loneliness
one spoonful less of sugar add some lemon zest instead accept and put my discomfort at rest
spread the teaching, the healing and resurrect
a higher compassion, energy abreast; go on a quest

awaken playfulness, abundance, and thankfulness
creativity is the nature seeking us
the inner child is the treasure; find it in myself to trust

adjust, combust the rust crusted; softening my heart
dissolve, evolve the sentiments; penetrate and restart
recollect and collect the fear, the worry, the doubt
it's no accident you and I met; faceted like a gem - a la carte
each fragment a feature, a quality; an alchemy

to initiate, integrate; contentment, permanent and transient yet
prosperous in an endless expression like interplanetary dust

particles, an arsenal of sound; counterparts set apart, tell apart, we are state-of-the-art intelligence, living with restlessness, negligence, inheritance of arrested development
half-way to hell
we find our excellence

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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