OPEN DOORS- Reality Check

Dear Illegal Immigrants:


In plain English, hon

Your argument is ridiculous

For several, very obvious


Are you ready to listen?

First of all,

If you want a better life

Why not stand together

and fight

to make things right

on your side of the border.

Second of all,

Coming to our country

is a freaking privilege

not your god-given

or even human right

Once you get that through your head

Maybe we can start

To understand each other

Third of all, 

No one is keeping you out

Just send us some papers

To show us you're safer

than the people you're running from

from that awful place

you claim to be coming from

How can America tell the difference?

You need to wait your turn

Because standing on our dirt

is a freaking privellege

so earn it

So in conclusion

Our doors our open...

But it's you who refuses to knock

So we're building a wall

To make sure our door stays locked

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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