What the world gains from optimism.

How about I summarize it for you, I'll not write nor lecture because that will just bore me and you.

I'm going to be optimistic and speak from my heart to better educate the likes of you.

Even though my teacher might say that it's not right, I'll push through like rosa parks pushed to the front of the bus despite the rules.

What a true optimist.

Martin Luther king Jr., Nelson Mandela, Harriet Tubman the people I look up to.

A Dream, a vision, and a drive to do what we need too


Optimist, no optimistic these words couldn't amount up to, the struggle that they went through.

Their confidence, hopefulness about our future our success.

I cannot say that today.

I still have not met one like our heroes, people who care not about themselves but about the benefits of our people.

If only I could say all people are optimistic.

I can't express what the world gains from optimism if it's lacking.

Suicide, drive-bys, children cry, this world oh my.

Like a chandelier, everything should be crystal clear, but it's not.

War in the streets, children just want something to eat.


Where are my leaders, my supporters

We need people to step up and cure the real diseases in these streets, not the war of the latest I-phones.


Minds blurred, torn, and hypnotized by the lies in which this world goes by.

Fooled by the luxuries up under our feet.

Millions of dollars, but what about those who just want to eat?

Ungrateful, spoiled, loud mouth obnoxious kids

You call yourself optimistic,

come talk to me when you give up yo Js to someone with no shoes on they feet.


Oh, I can't wait for the day where there is no poverty in this world which should be of peace

Every child smiles brightly like the morning sky

A world where blacks uplift blacks instead of red against blue

Racism will no longer exist, I can walk around freely as a woman without fear of man destroying my innocence

how lovely that would be.

I can wear flashy rings and watches and smile bright because I know no one will come up behind me and take the things I earned wholeheartedly.

A world where God rules over the land and I wouldn't  have to fear the devil-minded leaders of this earth.


That's all I have to say, just a name and you’d know everything tearing through my brain.

If you couldn't tell I was trying to be optimistic

If only my dream was that of a reality.

What does the world gain from optimism, what a great question

But, the true question is when will the world actually GAIN.

As of now, we are stuck in between reality and a daydream.

If only this beautiful nightmare that we live in was only just that, nothing but a dream.





This poem is about: 
My country
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This poem says to me I should be a leader and not a follower, to be optimistic not materialistic, to be naive but not unrealistic

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