Orlando's Poem

Sun, 12/04/2016 - 23:08 -- AhhChoo

Can you picture this?

Can you?

The way the wind blows and makes the trees sway in a musical pattern.

Can you hear the music?

The branches hitting against each other in a way that makes you want to listen to it for years. Can you see them?

The animals and their families?

The way the lion protects his cubs and their lioness.

The same way you would once you start a family of your own.

Have you ever thought that humans should be as loyal to their families as animals?

Never once have you heard about a turtle who had her eggs in the ocean, if she did her babies wouldn't survive.

Never once have you heard about a pack of wolves who separated over one argument.

Animals probably know love better than humans.

They protect those they love better than we can, making sacrifices just so the herd can survive.

Did you ever think something inhumane can be more human than wild savages?

We believe in going to war to make peace.

We believe in freedom of speech yet fear what slips out of our mouth because we may be judged.

We believe in falling in love for less than a year and becoming mentally unstable for years afterwards.

We believe in pain to find healing.

Human are in the animals.

Sometimes the sky likes to look beautiful.

Sometimes he seems to look sad.

The clouds some times are the judgements that we have.

The rain pours when the sky feels lonely and wants the comfort of others.

The sun shines on cold days to show their is still hope when all seems lost.

The sky shows us beauty and all we do is take pictures instead of appreciating it’s deeper beauty.

And you.

On your bad days the people around you are always smiling.

Not many people have the power to make people smile, especially if they don't feel like smiling themselves.

There's this vibe that needs to be given off.

It's not happy vibes, or good vibes.

It's more than that.

You've found it.

You captured it and kept it and spread it everywhere you go.

Don't stop doing that.

Go out and have adventures and everywhere you go don't forget to spread the joy you feel.

They say eyes are the windows to the soul.

The soul of a person who is dressed up and can't even tell who they actually are.

The soul of someone who is still lost and trying to find themselves even if they don't tell their friends how exactly they feel about themselves.

The soul of someone who will do anything to make someone happy.

The soul of a person who is human.

The purest thing you can ever be.

Now tell me, can you picture this?

Can you?

Can you hear the music?

Can you see them?

You are the most important piece of the puzzle.

Even if you don't know where you belong.

That's the beauty of life.

No matter how far you wander, there will always be a path to take you back home.  

Because there is a love Mother Nature has for Her children.

A love to protect and supply them.

She will find a way for you to find what you need when you need it most, not when you want it.

And that Orlando, is all you need to know from me.


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