Painful Heartbreak

Tue, 11/11/2014 - 13:59 -- ecimase


So, this is how

This is just what

Heartbreak feels like

When the girl you love

Has no other choice

But to go back to

The one she doesn't

Who chose instead for her

It breaks my heart

In so many ways

That I can't even joke

But, it hurts more

When I look into her eyes

And see the pain

And my pain, reflected

But I have no choice

Than to stay here

As I made a promise

To always be there

For a girl so sweet

Who is always beside me

While I want to be more

We cannot be more

I am so very afraid

That you may go back

Into a relationship

Forced to be with him

What neither of us

Would ever want

And this would truly

Be oh so painful

Causing such heartbreak


Night Heart

Highly relateable.Great poem!

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