Painful Love


A soft whisper in the dark room sounded

Whimpers flowing from her lips as he pressed against her

A normal Friday night as the lovers embraced roughly

A cry breaking the silence

“Please” breaking through her red lips

And a harsh sound followed by a cry of pain

Then blackness.

Daylight breaks through the glass

Shining down on the limp body in the red bed

As it slowly moved it whimpered

A pale hand reached up to softly touch the new marks as she stared into the mirror and cried as she applied her makeup to hide

Walking through the silent house

Memories of happiness running past

As she read the note he left

“I Love You Baby.”

The tumble of emotions forced her out of the house

Down the street away from it all

As she looked at all the scars and bruises he gave her

Night time came and he found her there

Grabbed her hair and threw her down

Yelling and snarling about dinner

She looked up at him and the glint in the light

Then felt a peace she never felt before
As the red and blue lights came and took her body away

Locked him up for a long time

She’s a peace now.



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