Parallel Universes

hey say thats theres an infinite amount of parallel universes

created by split second decisions. 

this past year ive been thinking up as many as i can

like, in another universe the sun is always setting 

the grass is white 

and everything is upside down 

in one universe my mom is named jan or pam 

or something with 3 letters instead of 4

in one we walk on our hands 

and speak in song

maybe theres one where i havent lost 4 pairs of glasses

havent broken bones like ive broken hearts

maybe theres one where i have been inside my history textbooks instead of reading them on creaking desks

theres probably many where i dont exist at all

in one universe i met you on a friday

in one i met you on a thursday

in many i met you on every other day than saturday

in one universe we only see the color pink

remember how we shared that donut on the pier and you kissed my cheek

in some parallel world you kissed my lips

in one universe we live in the ocean and the vast majority of the land has not been explored yet

and his eyes weren't green like the hills that i grew up on

In one i walked away when you let go of my hand in public

in one i talked to that cute boy at that one party 

the one with broad shoulders and a grin like my fathers but before i could speak, i could see your name tattooed all over my body

in another i have brown eyes instead of blue

you always talked about how you liked that color better

in one i havent had my first kiss yet

in a different universe i never glanced at your face

never heard those poisonous words so easily slip from those once promising lips

in another i ignored your apology texts, your missed calls

in another, i realized sooner how I deserved more

deserved more than to be hungry after ive been fed

deserved to care for myself primarily and others secondarily 

to learn i deserve love for myself and from others

in an infinite amount of universes, i never met you

but in this one, i learned.

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