Paranoid Recognition

Fri, 04/12/2013 - 10:16 -- DajahxD


United States
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Sets of eyes watching you

Watching every movement, Every breath
Every "yes sir" and "no ma'am" that flowed outward.
Watching all the "maybe's" that never happened
All the "always" that never failed to diminish in the air with every last one of
The "nevers" that never made it.

He's watching
They're all watching,
Waiting for slip-ups, Mistakes,
Breakers smashing Hearts into pieces,
Moral Rights gone wrong
Heinous wrongs brutally accepted,
Truths that turned into empty lies
Lies used to cover up forgotten Truths.
They watch so carefully you can't see.
You think nobody's watching so you stop

The Paranoia stops... You stop
Look around and try to see the rights and wrongs, the do's and don't,
Standards set by the people existing around that claim to be living

Take a look around and see all the sets of eyes filled with pain.
See the hands stained with the blood of another.
See all the changes soon to be made:

Watch the poor in spirit lose their Kingdom to those rich in deceit.
Watch the mourners get kicked while they're down by the inconsiderate
Watch the meek lose their earth to the greedy
Watch those who hunger for justice get prosecuted.
Watch pure hearts get tainted with Hatred
Watch the peacemakers wage war against the innocent.
Watch Lovers turn to Fighters. Fighters turn to Killers. and Killers turn to...

Now Look down...

"All men are Created--" Stop...
Equality is something taught byt never enforced.
We look down on those weaker instead of helping them up when they fall.
We look down on those who are poor instead of giving aid.
We look down on the hungary instead of feeding them.
We look down on the thirsty as we quench our own in front of thei faces.
We just Look Down.

"The Children are our--" Stop...
Set ups for failures given to those said to run our future.
Destroyed as a Fetus,
Diseased in the womb,
Ruined as a child

"Only the Good Die Young"
So many lives taken by villians barely prosecuted.
Heros get shot for good deeds,
Murdered for Protecting yes's
Assassinated for destroying no's.

Blood is normal
Evil is normal
Good is strange

How long until we all find happiness?
How long until we can have that Peace of Mind that is so long forgotten?
How long until we realize we are all we have?

Worlds will end.
Lives will be Destroyed
Memories will be ruined
Evil will conquer all
Good will fail to exist
Leaders will become tainted.

They will turn their backs.
They will all just turn their backs
They will Lose Faith
We will Lose everything.......

And He will still be watching.


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