Part XXXVIII: Human, a Personal Redefinition


Are we really glorified by the outcome?

Are we paying the wages of a sin or an ideology?

It is shaming us into silence.

A two-face lie with another side.

One that preaches love and grace and the other a damnation for the ones that don't follow suit.

We call it a religion, but I call it an organized institution.

One that I cannot escape, but there is no mistaking every lie holds another truth.

On one side of the coin I am a sinner, an adulterer, idolator, homosexual, a woman.

Below the rest.

If you flip it, turn it over, I am a feminist, a bisexual, loving, alive, a woman.

Eqaul with you all.

Our faith is a grace, not a stone thrown or darkened by a radical fiend.

Don't flip a coin, recognize the dishonesty hiding in the shadows when everything is a shdow.

Human isn't a sin, it's a being.



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