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The auditorium was over capacity with nervous expressions. Students waiting, I could see the sweat dripping from their underarms, eyebrows and foreheads. It was early May, and outside you could see the fog covered sky. The haunting stares from the anonymous faces felt like they were looking through my soul. About two hundred other students were auditioning for the role of Lindsay, a homeless orphan who was on a journey to find her parents. I was struggling to relate to her situation. I knew I‘d have to abandon my comfort zone for a while and just do the damn thing. My flaws would be noticeable on stage, so I decided to use them to my advantage. My character was a strong minded and phenomenal individual. She stayed motivated and hopeful when there was little hope to be sought. For a young girl who didn’t know her family, and had to beg for food she pushed past the adversity and stayed content writing her poetry and using the 100 facial bones necessary to paste on a smile.

In the shoes of a made up character, I get the opportunity to see the world from different perspectives. I have learned to be open minded and tolerant to different opinions and viewpoints.  I use these experiences as fuel for my craft.  I know that if I am to grow as an actor, I need to push the boundaries and feel different emotions; therefore I use my daily interactions to test myself. And when I get on stage I reach for these tidbits, this bag of life tools to create an experience for the audience that is authentic. Lindsay often cried herself to sleep but the following day the bags under her eyes were concealed with a good foundation.  I have learned that like Lindsay, we all have tough nights, tough months but we have to push forward, even if it means using each and every facial bone to find my smile.

As I look back, I realize that Lindsay and I were one in the same.  We do not control the cards we are dealt, but how we react to these events defines who we are.  There is so little I can control in life, but in the theatre I can create a world that is funny, sad, hopeful, irritating, anything.  My ability to show empathy and dive into someone else’s shoes has made me a better person, a better student and a talented actor.  I hope to pursue this challenge in college and broaden my scope outside of Brooklyn, outside of high school, outside of my comfort zone.   Without passion for your dream, your dream has no value.  I am capable of having dreams and I refuse to let them go to waste.  With the extra effort, my dreams can become reality.  On that foggy day in May I became Lindsay, we merged into one and I got the part.  No one can tell me that the odds are stacked against me; I will always see what’s possible.

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