When leaving any place, you are physically and emotionally different.

Your essence ever changing


“The past is part of who you are” they say-

But who picks which part of your past shapes you? Defines you?

Meaning is subjective and circumstances can be objective-

Influenced by personal feelings that cause specific actions.

However, not all people interpret feelings the same way

Or even share their understanding of emotions-

If they choose to have any


If what happens in the basement stays in the basement, what happens to our timelines?

People don’t “feel” regret or pain or extended happiness.

The next day, they wake up “the same”,

But not really, because they are now continuing their day and their stream of consciousness is affected by the last 24 hours naturally.

People live with who they think they are instead of who they really are,

Just to get their weekly Carpe Diem?


Do these experiences really define them?

Well, I guess that’s up to the person right-

Because after all they define their past


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