The Past Is The Past

Don't look back

You won't like what you see.

Don't focus on the past.

That's not the real me.


You've been through so much,

but you hide it so well.

Darling don't be shy.

You know you went through hell.


Scream it from the hills.

And don't be ashamed.

The past is the past,

And you knew it wouldn't last.


The pain you suffered,

Took away your innocence.

You had to grow up too fast,

And learn to hold your own.


You'll always be my partner in crime.

Whether you're locked away,

Or by my side.

I'm here for you this time.


Maybe I'm naive,

In thinking you'll change.

But this time is different.

It has to be.


I took your absence the hardest.

Always crying in my room.

Alone with my thoughts.

in the darkest oif places,

I knew it'd be hard to come back from.


Seeing you that day,

It's like everything changed.

You were a little girl again.

Just like I remembered.


Letting go that day,

Was the one of the hardest things I've ever done.

I made you promise you'd be good.

But all I can think about,

Is losing you again. 


I know the day will come,

When I have to say goodbye.

But I hope it's not permanant,

I can't go through that again.


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