To the People of this World

Within this this planet
That we call earth
There are so many people that go unheard
We've all wished for some thing to be different
but rather than make a change
we all just wait, watch and listen,
But in this world things dont get done
without a little rain and a lot of sun.
The thing our world, although so advanced
Lacks is the real love that everyone has heard about
The kind that everyone provides to each other
That allows us to survive and support one another.
Recently around I have seen a lot of hatred
All this talk of war and how its better for our nation
But in reality there is only one cure
And it it starts with one person with a heart that is pure
So let's start the chain reaction,
Tell someone you love them today
Be apart of the change
That makes the hatred go away
I'm not asking you to to be different
Just to change your ways
To make the world we live in
A more love filled place.



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