The Perfect World

Steeper up the steeple the bells ring
Chanting the enchanted hymns and songs no longer sacred
What we do hear, here in the chapels, the mosques, the synagogues
Is lust of temptations
The greed of gluttony
The bible, sacrilegious in explanation
Tainting the scriptures with their supposed "Hand of God"
And reigning their divine judgement to anyone who opposes
Monarchy to the Zionists
"We the people" are entwined through nature
But the mentality of some see danger in the natural order
So to maintain their ORDER these people imbue CHAOS into the world
And preach the spiritual influence of survival of the fittest
The perfect world is only meant for perfect people 
So in order to reach salvation, rectify the non-believers
They are tainted with their EVIL 
Yet in any passage known to man whether spoken or unspoken know that we are one in the same
We are all GODS PEOPLE
In a perfect world imperfection is just a word
As light carries on in everyone's souls
So do the trials and tribulations
We all have individual goals that are different from everyone else's when in fact they are one in the same
It's good to dream of a perfect world
When we have to work to attain it
We are blinded by our self indulgences
That we forget what God has already given
A world to live at our own free will
Whether you shun him or keep him sacred


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