Perfection means lack of Inspection

Wed, 12/31/2014 - 20:42 -- daffy97


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Paint splatterd t-shirts,

accomponied by a librarian nose,

stand erect as a lighthouse.


Vindictive waves may crash,

And temptuous winds may roar.

But I glide over these turbulant seas

towards the beam that beckons

with promises of  self identity.


But upon arriving,

Something was amiss,

It seems that my personality was a fraudulent wisp

Of smoke that dissapears upon inspection.

A Charletons game that promised perfection.


Time flounced by as I looked for myself,

Through stages, and stages of novels on shelves.

Each a clue closer to who was me .

And each step a farther from life, friends, and eventually  reality.


Accumulated  research has lead me to think,

That perfection is only achievable

Through lack of inspection











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