Perfectly flawed :Body and Beauty within


Body uncomfortable,mind Unstable Is my body so uncomfortable That I hide under tables for Comfort Use to aspire to be a Huxtable Now I'm a loner table stapler "Friends" could never tell Mom givin Hell Days rather sell Than cage in mental Monote monote what I say to get through the day But so monotone To arise from bed Bread can't fill Had someone to scratch back But aches and ails killed that Wrap head around that Somehow I prevail Odd as my tale following And swallowing me up Family MDs don't know what's Up Stay grounded Might need a lawyer to back me Up Wall bound Four square game now Trapped five corners Don't even see the opening Before closing slams shut Then bam it hits too late Fuck it Kick rocks Eat dust Some days locked with a Boombox Now I'm a b-rapper Ignore it what you say Born to be success Won't stop till I do Never at rest Beautiful at best The struggle to get to my love stresses but remains blessed

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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