The blinding lights make it impossible to see

The audience's faces floating in that black sea

The notes soar through the air then down to the ground

Her voice creating a beautiful, everlasting sound

I stand in the shadows, I'm only her backup

But make no mistake, I would never give it up


The rippling noise of the wind on my flag

The performance is how the color guard brags

Our flags dancing along to the drums' mighty beat

Marking the timing with our small, little feet

Constantly fighting the heat, cold, and mess ups

But make no mistake, I would never give it up


Perfoming can be a harsh and critical thing

But it will never discount the satisfaction it brings

I follow my heart which follows the challenge

Of makings others happy and getting revenge

On the critics, the haters, and those in that lineup

By doing quite well and never messing up

So make no mistake, I will never give it up



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