Peter Parker/Spider-Man

The supervillain named Doctor Octopus is attacking the supporters of President Donald Trump, which is bad;

When Peter Parker hears the news of what Dr. Octopus is doing, he gets mad.


Parker changes into Spider-Man, which is great;

Dr. Octopus is full of hate.


Spidey swings through the air, searching for Dr. Octopus, as you can see;

Dr. Octopus is also known as Otto Octavius and always will be.


When Spider-Man finds Doc Ock, he drop kicks the villain in his back, which causes Doc Ock to fall down;

When Doc Ock turns around to see Spidey, the villain will use one of his tentacles to grab the hero, so he can throw him to the ground.


Spidey avoids being grabbed by Doc Ock's tentacle and spins a web on the mad scientist's glasses, which is cool;

Spidey snatches the glasses off the face of that insane fool.


Without his glasses, Doc Ock can't see well;

Spider-Man uses his super strong webbing to tie up Doc Ock and here are more things that I'll tell.


Spider-Man immediately knocks out Doc Ock;

That supervillain is full of crock.


After the battle, Spidey calls the police and tells them what Doc Ock has done;

To Spidey, defeating Doc Ock was a lot of fun.


Spider-Man is thanked by the supporters of President Trump;

The police arrive to arrest Doc Ock, who's also a total chump.


When Doc Ock is arrested, Spider-Man swings away;

Peter Parker/Spider-Man has saved the day.


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