The Phoenix Rises

Tue, 08/26/2014 - 16:50 -- titonag

Looking in the mirror I see a person in pain,

Trying to find shelter from reality's rain;

Seeing life as barren and bane,

Feeling despair like Bruce Wayne.


Though named after the fabled Sir Lancelot,

I'm no legendary knight of Camelot;

Too silent, stoic and shy to ever talk a lot

Stranded in space like an astronaut.


Feeling alienated and of a different breed,

Words ignored and never paid heed;

A knight without his princess, a knight without his steed

Suffering from years of rage, looking to be freed.


Never knew how I'd survive,

With these insecurities eating me alive;

Fearful to take the wheel and drive,

Anxiously waiting for the day that Light would finally arrive.


I'm just another traveler lost without a map,

Would've succumbed to the darkness, if it wasn't for basketball and rap;

Mom and dad said that they were only traps,

But they are my passions that helped to fill the gap.


Basketball helped remind me of my humanity,

Having fun shooting hoops with others and retaining my sanity;

Rap elevated my speech and vocabulary minus the profanity,

But I focused on philosophy rather than vanity.


Studying Lebron and Carmelo's scoring displays,

Copying Chris Paul's passing ways;

Watching Kobe and Jordan's fancy fadeaways,

Inspiring my own unique style of play.


Hours of listening to Eminem's robust rhymes,

As well as reading Tupac and Biggie's lyrical lines;

Practicing my own verses a million times,

Patiently waiting for hopeful signs.


Looking back at my past I thought I was zero,

People looking at me like I was just some weirdo;

No longer a Raging Bull like Robert De Niro,

Because I realized that I was my own true hero.


Today I'm dropping the disguise,

Today I'm going to be humble and wise;

Today I'll no longer despise,

Today the phoenix shall rise.


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